The nogago team safeguard your personal data. We comply with the strict regulations of German data privacy laws, which are one of the most restrictive regulations for data privacy formulated on planet earth. We only collect your personal data when technically required for providing our service.

In no case we will sell this data or give it for other reasons to third parties, other than for financial accounting and billing or because we are forced by German law enforcement. The declaration below is intended to give you some more insight on how we protect your data and the data we collect from you for particular reasons.

Data collection on this web site

Our server log files collect information that your browser passes on to the servers behind the web sites that you visit, in particular:

In parts this data can be assigned to particular users. This is necessary for legal reasons in the country we are operating in (Germany). We do not merge your data with other data sources (including Geo-IP information). After the time required by law we delete our server logs. What remains are aggregated analyses that are no longer attributable to individual users.


Our web site uses cookies to make nogago more user-friendly, effective and secure. Most of our cookies are so called “session cookies”. They are deleted after each use of our services. Cookies don’t damage your service and do not contain any viruses.

E-Mail messages

If necessary we will contact you by e-mail. For example: to assess the validity of your service, to reset your password, or to update you on the change of our terms of service. Selected users are invited to participate in user surveys.

We need your valid mail address as well as information that allow us to check that you are the rightful owner of the provided E-mail Address and you are content with our terms of services and privacy statement. We additionally store data about you: user name, password (which is encrypted - we cannot read it, just reset it) and your language of choice for communicating with us.

You can cancel your agreement to save personal data at any time. In this case, your right to use nogago ceases. Please send an email to to cancel your user account.

Further questions?

Your trust is very important to us. Hence, we will answer all questions related to your privacy and our processing of your data. If you have questions and this page was not helpful to you or you have additional questions don’t hesitate to contact us at