nogago is shutting down…

Dear users,

thanks for using nogago apps since 2009. Unfortunately we have no longer resources to support the apps, continue their development and operate the infrastructure.

We have already stopped the distribution of the apps in all app stores. The source code will still be available on, and we would be happy, if someone were to pick up our code base and continue the development. We are happy to help out by answering questions via E-Mail.

The website will shut down by end of June 2018 and is no longer accepting new users. Please download maps that you need for your future journeys from until end of June and make sure to backup your tracks that were uploaded to the portal until end of June.

We will delete all data on June 30, 2018 (except for invoices that we need to retain until 2028 for legal reasons).

The apps themselves may continue to work with exception of track upload to the portal and map download. While our code base and functionality is stable, the primary issue will be the compatibility with new Android versions, which happen to be shifting sands for developers and destroy working apps.

You can avoid this problem and do the environment some good by buying a used smartphone. Our apps work best on BlackBerry 10 devices, and Android devices with Android 2 to 5.

We wish you all the best for your future journeys and adventures and thank you for your companionship in the last nine years.

Your nogago team